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Effective Patient Systems To Bring More Cash Into Your Practice Without Having to Compromise Your Standards as a Chiropractor!

Free Practice Analysis

Free Practice Analysis

Request A Free Practice Analysis – a one-on-one coaching session with one of our hand-picked and personally-trained coaches.

When Doctors Want to Add Nutrition

They Call the Singletons

In 2006, we decided we would assemble our top business systems, tools, and marketing expertise and apply these success principles to nutritional systems.

As soon as we hit our goals, we knew we had to teach fellow doctors and healthcare practitioners this fail-proof system. Now over a decade later, we' ve taught about 1,000 doctors how to have predictable success in the practice of their dreams. We' ve empowered doctors to help more patients and rediscover their true passion of being a healer.

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What Is The Singleton System?

Singleton Systems provides Predictable Practice Success tools that are applicable to a variety of medical professionals. The Singletons designed their systems to be utilized by Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists, Dentists, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors and other business owners in the healthcare profession.

Our doctors, diverse in industry, have one common concern: they seek to help their patients improve their lives, but are not equipped with the nutritional protocols or necessary tools to run their business effectively and profitably.

So we solved that problem. At Singleton Systems we provide all of the patient protocols (Proven Diet-Based Therapies, Clean and Effective Natural Supplementation and Therapeutic Treatment Protocols) you need to guide your patients to a healthier lifestyle.

In addition, we focus on delivering the practice management tools every medical professional needs to have predictable success and reliable, increasing income. We provide the systems and software necessary to run your practice predictably, the guidance to grow, and the training to implement.

What began as a journey to help our own patients lead healthier lives developed into Singleton Systems: consisting of patient protocols, comprehensive software and built in consulting services designed for every medical professional to create, and continue, their own predictable practice.

Not Sure If Our Program Is Right For You?

Speak with one of our hand-picked and personally-trained coaches who are anxious to see how we can help you succeed!

Free Practice Analysis

Free Practice Analysis

Request A Free Practice Analysis – a one-on-one coaching session with one of our hand-picked and personally-trained coaches.

We've Helped Over 1,500 Chiropractors

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Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

 About Singleton Systems:

I Don’t Have Much Money to Spend…How Much Will This Cost?

If you are short on money, you can’t afford to not increase your income with this program! It’s common for a doctor to recoup all expenses in the first month. We have programs to fit in any budget. Some doctors want us to do everything for them, and they are willing to pay for it. Others have more time than money. We have success principles, tools and systems to help you succeed at any level.

I Don’t Feel Confident about Handling Nutrition Cases with Patients, Can I Still Do This?

Our systems were first designed by Dr. Singleton, but then turned over to staff to run and manage. Many doctors continue to adjust and let their staff run the nutrition portion of the business. However, every nutrition protocol is systematized so a doctor or staff can easily handle it.

What Equipment Do I Have to Have?

When we started our first practice, we didn’t have any fancy equipment! Even though our clinic was very, very small, we made a profit in just our first month, and we were able to grow our practice step-by-step. You can do the same! You don’t need a business loan or any expensive tools to use our systems successfully.

How is This Different from Other Programs?

The most important difference is the Singletons and their incredible staff. EVERYONE cares about your success! Also, all of the systems have been tested and proven to work in any size office. The focus is on changing the lives of your patients. As you focus on patients, you’ll experience all the success you desire.

How Much Space Do I Need?

The Singletons started in 600 square feet and made a profit their first month. They grew and grew. This system will work in any size practice.

How Will I Know My Staff Can Do This?

This program is designed to be staff-driven. Complete training will be available on demand for your staff. Everything you need to manage your staff is included. Your staff has access to our staff for the help they need.

I Don’t Have Extra Time to Do This!

You can delegate this to your staff. If you own the business, you do need to manage the manager at the very least. We have all the tools and resources you need to do that.

I’m Not in Very Good Shape Myself, Will That Hold Me Back?

This program will not only change your patients’ lives, but it will changes yours as well. If you are out of shape, use that to your advantage. You’ll have a story to share with your patients of how this program helped you! Many doctors have changed their lives and grown a successful practice doing this, even though they started out in poor health.

I’m Not a Good Business Manager, Can I Do This?

If you can’t manage your business, you definitely need the tools in Singleton Systems. You’ll learn how to have predictable success using the protocols, systems, and tools available to you.

I’ve Started Programs Before and Not Succeeded, Why Would This Be Different?

We will make the difference. Every great athlete has a coach to make them better. We will be there in the beginning with weekly calls, and even more if needed. As you grow, we will have different team members to help you, at each stage. We WANT you to succeed. We will be there for you. We know what successful doctors do, and we will guide you to be successful!

I’m Not a Good Marketer, Do I Need to Be?

Every office is different, but marketing is a vital part of success. We will help determine what the best marketing is for you to do. We already have the marketing tools that you need, so you can just follow the systems we have in place.

Is This Program Easy or Hard?

We just don’t believe in “Get Rich Quick” schemes. We do believe in “Get Rich By Implementing Proven Systems.” We’ve already done the hard work. We give you the programs, protocols, systems, tools and everything you need to have the practice of your dreams. We even help you manage it. You just need to either do it or hire people to do it and make sure they are following the system. We are here to help you. We work hard, and we succeed. We suggest you work hard implementing these systems because if you do, we know you’ll succeed!

Patients and Doctors Are Raving

About Our Nutritional Protocols

"I Have Lost Forty Pounds and Down 4 Pants Sizes, I Look Forward to Going Home and Putting This Program To Work For My Patients!"

Our Patients Are Seeing Amazing Results

Here Are Just a Few Of The Tools Singleton Systems Offers

  • Comprehensive Training: Access everything you need for your practice on one perfect website.
  • Business in a Box: All business systems you need in one place, at your fingertips: programs, office protocols, checklists, metrics, coaching, training, marketing materials, and MORE!
  • Practice Management Software:Dashboards and metrics to help you better run your business.
  • Staff Management Software: Complete with checklists, metrics, meeting schedules, dashboards, and video training.
  • Marketing Management Software: Set clinic income with the marketing calendar.
  • Lead Management Software: Keep track of all leads, follow up notes and contact information. Utilize automated emails and texts. Includes a cost-per-lead tracker.
  • Clinical Tools: To optimize patient experience and success.
  • Marketing Content: Tested for successful lead generation.
  • Online Marketing Websites: To generate leads to work with schools, corporations, salons, and gyms.
  • Sales and Closing Tools: To help you overcome any patient objections and aid in the sales process.
  •  Appointment Scheduler: To easily schedule patients, track their appointments, and organize office flow.
  • Patient Program Manuals: Complete daily eating guidelines, supplement requirements, recipes, and metrics for success, as well as in-office protocol sheets for successfully managing patients in their programs.
  • Neuropathy Training: Explode your practice with Neuropathy training and marketing.
  •  Patient Member Website: Income-generating websites, where your patients can order product from you online and increase your online income. Patients can monitor their success and will stay engaged with you and refer friends.
  • And much, much, much more!!! 
Free Practice Analysis

Free Practice Analysis

Request A Free Practice Analysis – a one-on-one coaching session with one of our hand-picked and personally-trained coaches.

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